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In advance of NaNoWriMo, we here at Dark verlord Media sat down and planned out all the juicy, tasty tidbits that will be dropping into the feed for the rest of the year.

On Fridays I'm going to try and drop in some Sigler-related but not Sigler-created things, starting with this interview I did earlier this week with the good folks over at Dead Robots Society.

These guys were really fun to talk with, and certainly knew their stuff. I only wish I had joined them sooner when P.G. Holyfield was still on the show. (Last time I talked with him I was not exactly myself.)


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Where's the rant????


Almost two years of stalking Scott to get him on the show........ and then....  then D.R.S. forces listeners to wait through almost two minutes of Hutchinsssss!

What gives? Who posted this?? Where's our FDO rant??? Where is Scott????

To 'we here at Dark verlord Media', the PUV James Keeling is in your future............(hopefully November!!!)   :o)



Vampire Rocktopi rock the Crypt!





Vampire Rocktopi rock The Crypt!


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No rant? Must have been the crystal meth ...

How stoned must I have been to not rock out a rant? Very sorry, SmileyNi. To make it up to you, when the Sigler Ascension hits I will kill you last. Well, in the last few groups, anyway.
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This is very polite and generous, and somewhat suspicious...

Apologising?!?! Gratuitous offers of mercy?    Our FDO????

Could this side effect of Hutchinsss subutex have been forseen?......

Even the OJs seem to have been affected, surely they'd have commented on this strange behaviour by our FDO by now if they were able!



Vampire Rocktopi rock The Crypt!





Vampire Rocktopi rock The Crypt!


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Just heard the Robot

Just heard the Robot podcast... you mentioned a whole pile o' stuff, and I agree, you are just making excuses about EarthCore 2 hahaha! But you did say that you could put out an EarthCore prequel...... That makes excellent sense. A prequel which contains the Rockopi ancestors and the fight with and subsequent flight from their "Wasp-like" nemesis, the fruitless search through so many dead or unhabitable planets, how they finally found the Earth, the excavation of the hole, the construction of the doomsday device, and perhaps the first few centuries of their hiding and the interaction with the few primitive human tribes around at the time. Wow, that would be something you could definitely put out, and it wouldn't depend upon a rewrite of EarthCore. I really really really hope you do assuage our collective angst at not getting a real EarthCore fix for what will be nearly a decade. Cheers
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A "decade?" Well, fuck me.

Wow. I have turned into that same "author douchebag" I always railed against. A freakin' DECADE between the first book and the sequel? Why do you idiots even bother with me? I swear, you all are silly for sticking around ...
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Enjoyed the interview

And yes, when our mom's start downloading podcasts or whatever new media takes it's place, the current crop of publishers will either adapt or die out.


Took me years to get my mother to use email. Now, I get at least 2 chain emails or "warn all your female friends" emails from her each week.  


Go Steelers! Go Dawgs!

Pusher and member of the Gutter Sistren
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Ass Magic

Loved the interview; listened to it twice (swear it has as much to do with my long commute as with my creepy, stalker like tendencies).

I wanted to be a contrarian with you for a moment about the hard science stuff.

I understand your claim that when you pull magic out of your ass, all bets are off.  And as a general rule of writing, I think it's definitely good practice to hold yourself to a serious constraint.

But what I was thinking the whole time was that Nocturnal was simultaneously my favorite book of yours, and probably the weakest in the science department.  The whole weird twist the doctor took on evolutionary biology struck me as precisely the ass-magic of which you speak, sir.

But you know what?  It doesn't really matter.  Nocturnal was like crack to me while I was going through it.  I started getting into podcast novels in order to make my commute more tolerable, but I found myself listening to Nocturnal off the road and just about any time when I felt like I could just stare into space and listen.  It is a fantastic story.

Sure, an author ought to avoid the ass magic as much as possible.  More than holding oneself to real-world science as a constraint, though, I think every author has to fight against the temptation to invoke deus ex machina--you can be totally within the bounds of reality and still do something lame like have a character show up with improbably good timing in a way that is transparently aimed at bailing out some other character, or something along those lines.

But at the end of the day it's a matter of whether or not you've told a great story or not.

Anyway, great interview--definitely a lot of food for thought!

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So you're comparing vampire ass magic to searching for an answer

Seriously? It's not the same thing, not even close, my friend. NOCTURNAL is a fictional rave-up of an obvious question -- how do incremental mutations account for a massive behavioral shift like the boxer crab's complex use of anemones for self defense. An instinct is arguably defined as a pre-programmed memory, and these critters are born with a memory of this complex task. That had to come from somewhere -- a change in behavior can result in immediate survival benefits, while gradual physical mutations are going to take much longer to provide incremental benefits that add up to a significant advantage. Therefore, if a) an animal can make a significant behavioral change to exploit an niche, and b) that behavioral change can be passed down to offspring, then you are looking at an immediate evolutionary advantage. So NOCTURNAL takes the fun leap that if animals can modify germ-line DNA to change the behavior of offspring, it should be possible to do the same for physical traits.

So if you're comparing a theoretical exercise like that to suddenly deciding that vampires sparkle or cans of fake peanut brittle can suddenly channel god to defeat an undefeatable Satan, then yeah, those are different things.



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I Guess I'm uncertain where the line is

I see what you're saying; the reason I put this in the "ass-magic" category was solely because you had mentioned not only fantasy things like vampires and whatnot, but also things that seemed to break with conventional scientific theory, like faster than light travel.


I'm certain that if you talked to a Richard Dawkins or any established evolutionary biologist, they would find the idea of animals modifying their own germ-line DNA in order to garner and advantage just as implausible, theoretical exercise or no.  After all, if it were possible for animals to do such a thing at all, why would it only occur every so often?  Natural selection would favor not just the characteristics that such creatures had opted to pass on to their offspring, but also the ability to modify the germ-line to increase advantages.  In other words, if such a thing were actually favored by natural selection, then we would all pretty much be capable of it by now.


I'll grant you this isn't exactly in the land of vampire sparkes or god-channeling peanut brittle.  I just thought it might be in the same category as faster than light travel, in terms of where it would stand with hard science.


But again, I myself am no professional evolutionary biologist; so it could be that I'm just talking out of my ass. 


The nonass-magic constraint is really interesting to think about, though.  For instance, I like Orson Scott Card's Ender series a lot more when he actually holds his characters to the hard constraint of relativistic effects than when he just decides to (in a really ass-magic fashion) take the easy out and invent faster than light travel. 

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Un Cloaking a Die Hard Lurker

I've been lurking around since you wrapped up Earthcore and I discovered podcasting and your novels.  I guess I can be an "OJ" but I was just too GD lazy to sign up, yes that is correct.  I am a lazy ass.

I listened to your interview and when you mentioned Ass Magic, I knew why I listened to your Junk.  As a 20+ member of the Army (I got hooked on Earthcore on my last deployment) we have all such unique names for the strange and unusual, and Ass Magic is the newest one.

I can tell you that Ass Magic is used by weak officers and NCO's to try to cover up defeciencies in their plans and operations, or to provide answers when they are questioned.  Ass Magic is used all the times in briefings and planning meetings.  The only thing that can defeat Ass Magic is the Bull Shit card, which is thrown down often and frequently. 

So, to summerize, Thanks Scott for giving the US Military a new term to use while develping plans and operations.  We have already started to use it frequently, and when we say "that's Ass Magic" then someone has to go back to the drawing board and get a REAL Answer or Solution to the problem.

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