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FDO™ at KatG™This week Dark Øverlord Media was in New York City for the O'Reilly Tools of Change Conference.  We learned a little bit about a lot of things.  And just when we should have been leaving to avoid the crazy snow … Keith and The Girl called, and invited Scott to join them in the studio.

It was a great show, and a lot of fun to watch in-studio. Keith and Chemda are lightning-fast with the funny, and Scott was very happy about the kegerator. Very happy. As you're about to hear before I run the actual episode, all three sat down with me for a few minutes to talk about KATG's new book, "What do we do Now?" coming out on March 9th, and the 75-hour marathon 'cast they'll be doing starting this Sunday at 6:00pm EST. Oh, and Scott talks about the kegerator.


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Loved you on the show Scott!

Loved you on the show Scott! You're always a great guest to listen to.

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The FDO doesnt lie!

Just started listening to Scott's podcasts and podiobooks.  Liked everything so much, I decided to sign up on the forums and follow him on Twitter.  Thought it was funny as I was listening to him on KATG talking about how he personally responds to people who follow him when whatdya know, I get a message from Scott.  I've always tried to support people who seem like they are willing to go the extra mile and work their ass off to succeed.  I just wanted to let you know that your whole approach has probably just made me a junkie for life.  (Well, that and the fact that I love the material... now I gotta go buy some books!)

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hellooo nurse

Is Chemda still doing triathlons in winter? snowathlons? ... snowmarathons?

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That's how it's done, Cap'n. Glad you're digging all the goods.

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womp womp

No, I don't have as much time as I used to but I'm keeping up with at least 10 minutes of a work out every day. Hopefully, that will keep me in some kinda shape.

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The best part is the FDO's post kegerator introduction ...

And now I'm jonesin for an FDO rap song! 

 (P.S.  3 times a week - bare minimum.  5-7 times, now you're talking SmileSurprisedLaughing)



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Is it just me?

Or does A have one sexy voice?



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Down boy!



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new Ancestor trailer?!

Just listened to the interview and was stoked to hear you are working on a new ancestor trailer.  I hope the CGI monster makes it in!  Any news on when it will be released?

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In the intro....

Did it sound to anyone else like Francis Donovan made a quick apperance?


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A Kovacs Rocks!

Always good to have A Kovacs on the podcast! Smile

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I just loved to hear that other people also got pulled in to that curling thing. I got that strange feeling that going from "what kind of crap is this?" to "Ok, this is kind of intressting..." to expert (well, in that armchair quarterback kind of way) in about half a curling match. 

And speaking of cricket, I have a friend who used to go to cricket games, and he said he would hurt anybody who tried to tell him the rules. For him, the best part was trying to guess the rules, and even when he thought he started to understand things, something would happen that would totally throw him. Things that seemed like a good thing was suddenly a bad thing and so on.

/Krister /

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Dude, thats a gimme!

A Totally F'n RAWKS!!

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For. The. Win.

omg. DrUnk FDO...for the win!!  The office of doom needs a kegerator for maximum entertainment!!
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