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Long-time friend of the show Seth Harwood just dropped his latest novel, YOUNG JUNIUS. In the proud tradition of "free content wins new fans," Seth is giving away the entire novel as a PDF, which we have for you here. Read it, enjoy it. If you try it out and decide you'd prefer it in print, you can buy it on If you know Seth's work, this novel is a prequel to the awesome JACK WAKES UP series.



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My signed hardcopy should be

My signed hardcopy should be on it's way :)

aka nilling

aka nilling everywhere else!
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Mine too

Yea, i got one coming to me too.

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It's yo boy . . .

and he's luring people in with free crack.  I do believe it's time to send people toward the link so they can get that quick fix and realize they can't live without the real thing.

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Grrr, wish I could afford to buy the book.

I loved the audiobook and I really want to support seth, he's a great writer. As soon as my bank account canhandle it, I'll definitely be picking up a hardcopy.

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