Freemium gameNews flash: people like free stuff.

Yes, I know I just rocked you way down to your private bits with that shocking information. I read an article this morning on Yahoo's Appolicious that the world seems stunned that "freemium" games are making money. What is "freemium?" No, it's not an element on the periodic table, it's when someone gives you a videogame -- for free -- and that game offers the option of paying to increase basic functionatliy. You don't want to pay for more playability? You don't have to.

What this does is create the same environment we proudly offer have here at Dark Øverlord Media: try it before you buy it. Our free podcasts (and their free games) let people try something for free to see if its right for them. If they do enjoy the goods, sometimes they then choose to spend their money because the entertainment value has already been proven. They know their money is well-spent on a proven commodity.

If they don't like the free book/game, then they don't buy anything. They don't feel cheated that they wasted their hard-earned money on something that didn't have value for them. Even when they don't dig the goods, they usually remain happy. Why? Becuase the vendor trusts to consumer to make up his or her own mind. Not with spin, marketing, misleading movie trailers, fake social-media campaigns, etc., but with the actual product.

"Freemium" is about putting the spending decision in the hands of the consumer. Freemium is a great way to say "my product is so bad-ass, I can give you the main engine for free and you'll be beggin' me to buy more stuff."

That's why you so many free stories here. And, yes, you will beg, first for things you can buy, and then -- when the Sigler Ascension hits -- for mercy.


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FREE, Yep that's the word

Being the cheap Bastard that I am, I was looking for free audio content for my new ipod. That was when I came across a story called Earthcore. Within the first couple of episode's I realized I was hooked on this story. So I went back to itunes and downloaded everything I could that was Sigler. Every drive or walk I took I had those ear buds planted in my head soaking up the goodness that the FDO has provided us, Earthcore, Ancestor, Infected, Contagious, on and on. Then I came over to and became a junkie. I read a few of the forums and poked about, it took me almost a year to get involved in the forums. Since then I have meet many friends online and even got a HM as Quarterback for the Wabash Wolfpack. And now I own everybook, except Earthcore, still looking. So to the FDO and A Thank You from the bottom of my cheap rotten Heart, for all the work you have done for us weee little junkies. Now for the begging, Earthcore Please!!!!! My soul is being Fedex'd to you as we speak. Late Guy's have a great day...

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Wolfpack Quarterback

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Freemimumanum is a great idea ! one day I'll own em all too

FDØ ! ! !   FDØ ! ! !   FDØ ! ! !   FDØ ! ! !   FDØ ! ! !   FDØ ! ! !   FDØ ! ! !   FDØ ! ! !   FDØ ! ! !  

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Break It

What if you break it before you buy it? Cervill

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This proves that goodness comes back around.

I remember when Doom came out as a shareware game.  You get the first few levels free and pay for more.  Being the gamer that I am I have bought every Doom title released.  It is a proven market tactic and one that the industry seems to keep forgetting about.
One shot one kill? Please, I don't have that kind of time.

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Mrs. BigJohn points out the irony!


I've been proselytizing to Mrs. BigJohn by reading this thread, and after I read Rich's, I said, "That's the guy I met from Napa."

"Oh, what's his name?" she asked.

"Rich," I replied.

"Well, that's a bit ironic, isn't it!" she blurted, giggling uncontrollably.

Rich, your story is almost identical to mine, and I'm sure hundreds of other junkies.

Keep on rockin' on, FDØ, A and DØM!


Gutter Sistren whipping boy, innoventor of words, Life Coach to the Damned.


Gutter Sistren whipping boy, innoventor of words, Life Coach to the Damned.

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I yeah, I'm a tightwad too

It got a free iPod and then it was at least 3 years before I paid for anything. I loaded up music from my 100s of CDs, then found and free podcasts on iTunes. I do buy music from time to time, but I love the freebies. And I love Sigler! I wish there was more DOM stuff I could buy -- Hint, Hint, A - more merchandising!
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Dude, that's exactly how this works

That's the process that we got running here and it seems to be working out very well. You guys provide us with more than weekly entertainment from weekly stories to blogs and reviews and as a thank you and to FILL THE HOLE! we buy the books and it's a great way to charge people for the content without forcing them. 
Again many thanks FDO and co. (Ha it rhymes)  

You're out of luck. Cause this is me not giving a F**k

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Gotta be done.

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I know, look at the "Warnings" in the article

They are afraid that -- of my GOD! -- more games might start doing this, and strip down the functionality so bad you can only play a little bit! It's called a "demo" and it's been around for twenty years, ya jagoff. And when people don't like the demo? They don't buy. Man, this rocket science shit is difficult, ain't it?

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I wonder whoever thought this might work?

all I know is that it does! I started listening for free and have now spent a lot of mula collecting the hardcopies :)
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I'm right there with you John and Rich.

I started with NOCTURNAL and have never looked back. I am missing just the EARTHCORE book.

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