I'm starting my own small press, Dark Overlord Media (DOM). The first book is THE ROOKIE, for which we printed 3,000 copies in hardcover. This isn't vanity or POD, it's a new hybrid. I'm still publishing books with Crown Publishing (a division of Random House), and those books are still in all bookstores. DOM allows me to:
a) Write any book I want, even if it's not in the branding strategy that Crown has created for me
b) Sell directly online without incurring distribution expenses
c) Further connect directly to my online audience.

I believe this is the future for content creators who can generate their own audience (people like Ask a Ninja, you, Cali Lewis, etc).

While I will never sell as many copies as Crown can sell for my titles, I do make significantly more per copy, and I retain all rights. I have total control over THE ROOKIE series.

We're starting with THE ROOKIE, but are already in talks with another major online personality to print our second. THE STARTER, the sequel to THE ROOKIE, will be published in September 2010.

We've already sold 1,700 copies and haven't even put it on Amazon yet. I suspect we will go into the second printing in January.

You are a known social media expert, and you have done extensive work with the publishing industry. Just give me your take on this model, probably from the perspective that I'm doing it to build off my work in podcasting and online audience generation and retention. Be as honest as you like -- if you think this won't work, cool to say so.

Story synopsis, ordering info, link to merch and iPhone book app are all here:

Press release is going out today, so as soon as possible, please.

I need to know how to cite you, i.e., "Chris Brogan, social media consultant and author of TRUST AGENTS" or however you want it displayed.



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