I was honored to be a guest on "Triangulation," a show hosted by TWiT superstars Leo Laporte and Tom Merrit. This is an hour-long interview covering lots of awesomosity. Leo and Tom ask me about the state of publishing, why my fan base is so important, and why I continue to give away content for free. Also? Feast your eyes on the Stache of Døøm™ in full video glory!


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Hello, my name is Byron and I'm a Die Hard Fan! What a great interview. Alot of fun facts on how it was back in the day when The FDØ first started podcasting. You sir are a trailblazer! Keep up the great work! There was a moment during the interview I thought I saw The Eyebrow of DØØM™

..........JUNKIE 4 LIFE.....I'm MR. T's brother from another mother, you can call me MR. M.....1st time Pusher.....NOCTURNAL (Rewrite) Byron Metz (as "Baldwin Metz," medical examiner for San Francisco police).....GO KRAKENS!.....and as always Have Nice Day.....

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And THAT sums it up

Loved the interview. Great tool to use when I'm tellin my friends about you and everything you guys do there. Chicken scissors didn't quite sum it up the way I hoped.Any ways, keep up the overlording oh dark one.
Luke D.B.
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Really interesting! :)

I completely agree, a massive chunk of your sales come from fans who find your stuff for free but then want to buy books from you. In other news, im really interested to see what changed are coming to , is it the site, or you said some new stuff was coming so that sounds sweet

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Too Cool!

I've never listened to this particular TWiT podcast.

I guess now's a good time to start!

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I was trying to kill Leo with eyebrow, but he is crafty

I thought it would be good publicity to take him out with the Eyebrow of Døøm, so I threw it out there several times. Leo is no rookie -- he was prepared for the tactic with Ninja Glance Deflection Power-Up. 

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And this is why...

I'm a freakin' JUNKIE who loves Podiobooks.com!!!

aka nilling - You Be Illin'

aka nilling everywhere else!
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Mr Sigler...

... it just proves that drive, talent, determination and a plan makes sense.

Stay Alive - NC

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It was neat to hear...

...how excited Leo was over the GFL books. 

This was a really great interview ... so great I didn't realize how quickly it went by!

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Nice Mustache btw

It looks like your mustache is crying more mustache. Also it's a great interview.

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Amazing interview

I must admit, over here in Belgium, we never heard of Scott Sigler.

I saw the podcast just now and i must admit, Sir, you instantly got my respect for the way you stuck up to the publishers who rejected your first book, and how you revolutionized the podcast industry by spreading your book for free. 

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Thanks for coming to visit

Glad you enjoyed the interview enough to come on over and sign up here. Welcome!

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You got my Uncles attention with this interview.

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That was great...enjoyed every minute...

It is so true about how your junkies attract new junkies. Combat Cook

"Grill Boy"

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