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Awww yeah, time for the FDO™ to finally invade another country! I crushed the United States under my tiny boot heel long ago, now the rest of the planet can begin to feel the pain. Where do I start? Where else, the other nation founded by the world's outcasts, Australia! Watch out the video for details, or check out the Australia page and see when and where the Stank lands down under.


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You Rock (even more, of course)

Mr Sigler, you are a legend. I have wanted this for some time. I really hope that you can do something in Sydney, both Melbourne and Brisbane are quite a distance away, and Perth is even further. Still, very excited.


-You thought triangles were bad under your skin. Well, try a yak.-

-You thought triangles were bad under your skin. Well, try a yak.-
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Will work on Sydney

I'm trying to figure that one out. Amazingly, even though the conventions are hauling me from America to Australia, the publisher won't pay for a friggin' plane ticket and hotel stay in Sydney. I'm already in-country, for crying out loud! They don't see the logic in investing in future sales. And people wonder why the publishing industry is faltering. 
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This sounds like a great opportunity

For a Junkie road trip! I've always wanted to see Austrailia. I envision a Deadhead sort of traveling caravan of Junkies following the Down Under tour. I bet those t-shirt will RAWK!


Honestly, I'm sure some travel agent could put it together.

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I'm buying the beer ...

Seriously, anyone who "road trips" to Australia to hang out? I'm buying the first few rounds, fo' sho'. 
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Very fucking large land mass

Sigler, there is as much Oz between Perth and Brisbane as there is US between LA & NY (and there are more people in either of those two towns than in our whole country!). It's 800ks (500mi) from Adelaide to Melbourne... And Adelaide has the best beer in the world!

Think about it, son.

: !

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And here ... we ... go

Ironpaw, I'm spending three weeks there and hitting four cities. What the heck do you want a brother to do?

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