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I saw this posted on Frederic Gagnon's Facebook page. How bad-ass is this? He's got the whole team ready to rock (spelling is a bit off, but still frickin' awesome). The game is Blitz II.


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This is totally cool

I don't play video games, but this is a great idea. Go Krakens!

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I tried doing that once, but it kept changing Barnes name on me for some reason. Wouldn't let me name him Quentin Barnes.

Oh well, still pretty cool.

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Take that Sigler!

Mitchell Fayed lives!  Haha, you'll never take him away!

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I don't play video games either.

Nothing against them, but I tend to get sucked in way too easy.

Hey, who's that at kicker? Seriously? Awesome......


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    Total awesomeness

    That is so cool. I love when people combine two loves. Go Krakans!
    Am I crazy or is it me?
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    and the coach is...

    none other than Coach Siglericus III


    Sigler, let me be your body double to protect you when you take over the world.

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    yes you'll never take him away!
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