What do we do now by Keith and the GirlKeith & The Girl (also known as "KATG") is a long-running comedy podcast, definitely one of the biggest 'casts out there. KATG has been good to Siglerism, having the FDO™ on their show several times so that he can shamelessly pimp his books. Well, now Keith and Chemda (the girl) have their own book out.

If you've heard KATG, you know they can get into it with each other (and if you haven't heard the show, try it now). Do you want relationship advice from some pseudo-smarmy, oh-so-happy puppies & kittens couple? Or do you want it from people that argue and scrap just like the rest of us? I prefer the latter, give me the real shit anytime -- blowing sunshine up my ass won't make my life better (but it will make my colon more illuminated).

Click on the cover at left to get more info on their book. They have a video trailer and everything (and in that video, is that the crazy kinky hair of Brother Love that I see?). 


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never checked them out

but some of the things in that sample chapter are hysterical.  thanks for sharing.

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Funny Stuff

I'll have to give them a try sometime.

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