Frankie's ride

If you follow the sage words of my cousin Francis Dominick Olivieri, host of "Let's Get Pissed with the FDO," then you know his affinity for the Iroc-Z. So does Steve Van Haren, who sent me this gem. Steve, my cousin thinks you rock like a greasy christmas clown in your mouth.


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That's perfect. XD

"Clever girl." ~Jurassic Park {GirlCo w/ dreads for Sigler}

"Clever girl." ~Jurassic Park {GirlCo w/ dreads for Sigler}

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She's a beaut!

And it's even red! Look out

[flickr-photo:id=5069365035, size=m] [flickr-photo:id=4347154616] Pusher and member of the Gutter Sistren

Pusher and member of the Gutter Sistren
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I'd ride it...

But the again.... I am without wheels right now. :-P

- A fond and fair adieu to all... Till the FDO's day comes... Then we all gets to run bitches! :-P
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i had one from a project car. got bored with it and traded that for a 78 F250 plow truck. then i traded the truck for a true camaro. a 1974 cali car that sat for 14 years. awsome shape compared to every other car in wisconsin. DAMN WISCONSIN AND IT SALT USE!!!!!

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You still got it?

Sounds like a beauty.

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kind of

im in the process of negotiating a trade of the camaro for a 67 triumph Bonneville. you can see pics of the tear down on my facebook.  

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nice ride!

That car and a bottle of taint juice make for one hell of a ride through the corn fields.


Sigler, let me be your body double to protect you when you take over the world.

---- Heavy G Defensive End  -Bord Brigands

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