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Source: Wall Street Journal

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This just arrived from the "holy shit is science fucking awesome" category (look for that category next week on Jeopardy, as in, "Alex, I'll take 'holy shit is science fucking awesome for $800, please).

Yes, robots made from DNA. 

Check out this excerpt:
Both research groups tinkered with creations called DNA walkers—mobile DNA molecules, about 100,000 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair, that have three or more legs made of a string of genetic enzymes. Each leg moves forward based on its chemical attraction to sequences of biochemicals laid down, like stepping stones, in front of it.

The possibilities are both endless and staggering. But I think this will start a new wave of NIMFDNA, which is like NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) only it stands for "Not In My Fucking DNA." Let's experiment on and pigs and such. You've read ANIMAL FARM? 


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Ditto on the NIMFB!

But you gotta' admit that science is some cool shit!

Teach these little mofos to follow the nervous system and repair gaps or act as a temporary bridge and you could tempoarily cure spinal breaks with a nasal spray.

Or you could teach them to destroy nervous tissue and weaponize them in an aerosol spray.

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Hey thanks FDO!

It's pretty cool to see that you posted this. Not like "the most amazing thing that's happened in the history of ever", but it runs a close second Smile

Be afraid, people. This is how things like the Passenger virus start. Muahahahah!

**Conjunction Junction, what's your function? No seriously, I slept through grammar class, so I have no idea what you do.**

I am crazier than a padded room full of Charlie Mansons! Sgt. Renee Jordan PUMC, PUV James Keeling
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i got to agree this really is some scary shit and it reminds me of one of michael crichton's work, where rouge nano machines takes over a camp




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Very creepy.

Looking at the pic just reminds me of Sigler's story "The Passenger". How long before we are all infected and eating each other."You are easy to repair." lol

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