Oh my High One. The sequel to the Best Motherfucking Video Game of All Fucking Time is coming. Yes, the BMFVGoAT is my opinion, and it's DEAD SPACE. If you haven't played this and you like horror movies, you are missing out. It's dark, scary, scifi, with lots of flashing lights and splattery goodness. The game has the best sound I've ever heard. I'm a huge fan of good sound in movies and games, and pay more attention to it now that I've been recording for 28 years.

Full stop: if you like horror movies, go get DEAD SPACE and play it. It's off-the-charts fantastic.


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what was that noise O.o

wait.... (scuttling noise) who is there... (more scuttling noises) OH GOD!!!Cry  this is a game I can only play for only a couple hours at a time. call me a p***y, I DONT CARE, but it's my fault the first time I played this @ 2 o'clock in the morning alone in my house will all the lights off...

I love APC's, so crunchy!!!

So that others may live

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Pretty good trailer

Pretty good trailer

"Old Earth Detroit Lions & D'Kow War Dogs for LIFE!"

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I did the same thing...

...with Silent Hill (the original). Late at night, alone, lights off. Didn't sleep properly for weeks.

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The only way to play is with the lights off

Seriously, I agree with you. Play this bad boy wth the lights off and the world-class sound production really comes to life. I'd play in surround sound, but I'm pretty sure I'd crap myself if I did. I can only take so much.

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Awesome game

Fear 2 was pretty mfing scary at times too

You're out of luck. Cause this is me not giving a F**k

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you need to project it onto the green wall

for the full effect. You can always hide in your cupboard if it gets too much. Tongue out
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