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i was intrigued.  did a

i was intrigued.  did a quick search (amazing how many things come up as suggestions when you start typing '3 headed' in google), and it looks like the good ole frog/toad mating dance:




EDIT: click on the 'toad mating ball' link in that story...f'in weird picture man

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Oh Yeah

I remember seeing this a while back. Pretty awesome.

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So are there no such thing as the three-assed marmot, or similar animal? It always seems to make the news when there are more than one head; are there multi-assed animals not getting their proper doo?



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Aaaaaalll riiiiiiight.





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and its British! Huzzar!

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That was very strange

But from that I went link surfing and ended up in some very strange places 

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That's some freaky shit! Is it still alive?

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In case this isn't freaky enough for you

Amphibians do the weirdest shit


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Did they find that along with the 3 eyed fish in the lake near the Springfield Power Plant? DOH!

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More freaky, scary animals!!!

Check this out!!!!!


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Interesting Fauna!!!

Blinky the 6 eyed -12 legged frog! esshh


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