Viruses that rock your balls offOkay, I don't know if these viruses will truly rock your balls off or not, but if these viruses were a meh-tal band? Yeah, they'd be somewhere between Iron Maiden and early Ronny James Dio. We're talkin' old-school viruses, peeps. This story was sent in by Derek Colanduno of Skepticality fame(and if you haven't heard this podcast, do check it out). 

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"Prehistoric Lakes of Antartica"


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So global warming is really gonna be a problem

Al Gore tried to warn us...

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Recently heard about the scientists who faked the graph for him

 Now there's a whole bunch of right wingers saying Global Warming as a whole is a myth. 

Yo, dumb asses, look around. Yes, they falsified some of their research back then. That doesn't change the current situation.Glaciers melting, ships can now sail straight through to Greenland. CO2 emissions are through the roof in most countries since the Kyoto accord.  



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Yes, that's all they needed

What dumb f*ck thought that falsifying the data would be "helpful?" It just gives the doubters ammunition to say the whole thing is a myth. Ugh. I hate politicians.

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