It's like the Brits have never seen a fucking horror movie in their lives. Why, a giant mechanical spider is walking down the streets? Let's all gather to watch! What could possibly go wrong?


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It would have been funny if they had a asian person fun up the the camera and scream like an old Godzilla movie.
This is not the end because if it is HOLY SHIT!
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This would be a great addition .... the FDO's plans for world domination.  Places these suckers in parades all around the world and then .... BOOM.... Trojan Horse their asses!
--Gmork (MP, CA, WC, TG, MoGC, AAGC, PWTG, TBG)
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Oh, plans are in the works

Here I was thinking I had to come up with some complex plot to hide my massive killing machines until it was too late for the citizens of large cities. Now, I know better -- just tell them it's a "celebration" of whatever-the-fuck, then they will watch me build it and pack around it by the tens of thousands when I say it's ready to go. Awesome. Think of the work I've just saved on the "seek-and-destroy" module! I change that to just "destroy the assholes standing there watching you," and save like 45% on my programming fees.

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i keep waiting for it to tear off into the croud, but it just walks along. clearly whoever built this thing was either highly safe, or highly boring...wither way, awesome metal spider
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Pretty cool

Shame it didnt eat anyone
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I know, right?

How fucking awesome would that be, to watch it turn into the crowd and start slaughtering the innocents. Well, I would think it's awesome, anyway.
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I'm surprised the scousers

I'm surprised the scousers didn't strip it down and leave what was left on bricks...


Neil laughed. "I'm a soldier, not a cop, ma'am." 

aka nilling everywhere else!
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It did

But they censored that bit so that the giant mechanical spider invasion goes unnoticed
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Damn those censors!

I should have known.
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Why arent there any

Giant mechanichal spiders in New Hampshire!? We could use the entertainment. "When i say your dumb name step forward and forsake all other before your new digital ruler..."

Mark "The Mangler" Wheeler

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I'm from NH!

Moved away about 5 years ago, but yeah I agree a giant spider or two would definitly spice the place up!!


He'd obviously made the turn and was hurtling down that final straighaway to the void. His membership in the sentient being club permanently revoked.

No power in the Verse can stop me.

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