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I could have sworn I put this in the Block of F**K YEAH before, but now I can't find it. The headline really speaks for itself. It was reported in and other places, but it's too good to leave out. It's our buddies from the Arcata Eye, who wrote about the UCK YEAH bus. This town seems like the place to be, no?

LSD Tripper Amputates, Flushes Monster-Containing Testicles (Updated) – May 12, 2010

The use of the drug LSD, or commonly referred to as “acid,” appears to be increasing especially among young adults in Arcata, according to an Arcata Police Department press release issued yesterday.

On April 18, officers responded to a residence to assist the Arcata Mad River Ambulance with a 31-year-old male subject who had just castrated himself. Medical personnel and officers were unable to locate the subject’s testicles. He later told officers that he flushed them down the toilet as he feared they contained “monsters.”

The victim, who police say had a Tennessee address, was with several friends when he began to experience negative feelings. He was dropped off at the Jay Street residence, to which Arcata Police responded at 4:18 p.m. that day.

“We just thought it was an isolated incident,” said Police Chief Tom Chapman. He said calls to aid people having a bad experience with LSD or psilocybin mushrooms are “not uncommon.” But a flurry of subsequent incidents represent an unusual surge in LSD-related calls for service.

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The OBVIOUS question here is...


Did he use the chicken scissors?

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Remember kids, Drugs are Bad


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Doesn't LSD stand for ...

Let Sigler Drive ?  


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what a terrible waste of Balls


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experience negative feelings

Yup, monsters in your testicles. It's a hard life sometimes.

As a matter of fact, that is a roll of quarters in my pocket.
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Just goes to show:

The hardest drug you should mix a Sigler novel with is Motrin PM. Wherever could he get have gotten the idea there were monsters in his testicles from anyway?Undecided

What kills us, doesn't make us stronger.

What kills us, doesn't make us stronger.
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Your signature ...

Pretty sure this guy isn't any stronger, even thought chopping off his balls didn't kill him.

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damnit tokkan!

i wanted to say that!  well played sir, well played.


some people never go crazy. what truely horrible lives they must lead.~Bukowski

some people never go crazy. what truely horrible lives they must lead.~Bukowski
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i think i just died a little

this horrifies me in ways i never knew i could be horrified in.  i think i will have a fear of restrooms and toilets after reading that.

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After reading that

I'll probably never do LSD again

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