Rebecca Procknow's "Sigler Signature" tatAre you kidding me with this? Apparently not.

Die-hard Junkie Rebecca Procknow had me sign her shoulder blade at the Dallas stop of the NOCTURNAL tour. The very next morning, she headed to her tattoo shop and had that signature inked up all permanent-like. 

Holy shit.

She now has my signature on her back forever and ever and ever. 

And yes, that's the DØM "empty set" tat above it. If you recognize the name, she's married to Jason Procknow, who has the Marie's Children symbol inked into his chest. 

The family that tats up Sigler together, stays together. And probably kills things together, but that's a secondary issue. 

Rebecca, I salute you!!!


That is bad ass!!!!!

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That's love...are you feeling it FDO

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Wow, that is a hard one to top.

...Tsolo888 <AKA Cpt. Travis Ellis> - Out

Tattoo by Deveaux at Laughing Buddha Social Club in Pottsboro, Tx
That is seriously cool, All these Siglerism tats are not helping my desire to get my own lol.
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LOVE IT! That is awesome!

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That is awesome....I am going to have to add something like that to my tat collection....

Your mind will play tricks on you....when your eyes don't know what they are looking at....
Nicely done!

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Thanks so much for the article.Much thanks again. Great.


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