My Junkies. I'm working on Episode 15. 30 minutes of story, almost done, I couldn't finish it off last night and this morning. Cry your pardon, all, I'm very late and I know it - no excuses. JUNKIE WORLD DOMINATION NEWS: Word from the front lines. We conqured Bulgaria, now it looks like the forces of the Sigler Syndicate are close to conquering Germany and Spain. That's right, talks are underway for translation rights into German (the spawning ground of Clan Sigler, some four generations back) and Spanish. These proud nations resist as best they can, but our aggression is relentless!
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Translation into German??

Translation into German?? YEEEHAAA, now i can 'siglernize' my german friends, who don't speak english!! Awesome!!!
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Wow, that's great news. Good

Wow, that's great news. Good to see you're moving on from converting mere invdividuals to whole countries at a time! Seriously, thanks for all the time and effort you put into your podcasts and novels. They're great entertainment.
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Awesome news man, i'm sure

Awesome news man, i'm sure it will be grrrreat!
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Sweet! I'm with Peter on

Sweet! I'm with Peter on this. I've some German friends who will LOVE your novels. . . . and then they will pass them on to others . . .who will pass them on to others . . . . Sigler's words will spread like a plague (and I mean that in the very best way possible) across the land!!!
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Congrats Scott on moving

Congrats Scott on moving another step closer to Total World Domination! Speeking of you as Supreme World Leader: Can I be a ruthless minister of something that requires no real work(i.e. is loads of fun and has an unlimited expense account) but which looks good on a resume should you be deposed in an exrtremely bloody and needlessly violent coup?
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Which book is being

Which book is being translated? I assume it's Earthcore, which is awesome! Soon the world will be all yours.
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Ausgezeichnet Herr Sigler!!

Ausgezeichnet Herr Sigler!! Wir mussen ein Partei haben! ?Hai una Fiesta?
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We've always been at war

We've always been at war with Eastasia: -- Furry cows moo and decompress.
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One day the universe

One day the universe Scott. Thanks for the excellent entertainment.
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Bless your cotton socks,

Bless your cotton socks, sigler. You work so hard for us. So I'm assuming that we won't get a new chapter tomorrow? Only episode 15. That's fine... I'm looking at this in perspective. 1 chapter is better than none is better than walking around in a suit all day. Damn my volunteering nature. Gratz on the german and spanish versions. World domination is in your grasp.
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