DragonConIt's time for one of our favorite cons, Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA. This is an annual celebration of all things geek. Here's Scott's schedule. If you're coming to the con, make sure you come see us, or the FDØ might get violent and kick a droid. The Star Party is a great opportunity to hang out, even though we are just in attendance and are not presenting there.




Atlanta Star Party: Thursday, August 29, 7:00pm (2 hours) Get tickets now!
Stargazing, food, drinks and conversations with astronomers (including Phil Plait, Pamela Gay, Nicole Gugliucci and Derek Demeter). Proceeds benefit CosmoQuest, one of Dark Øverlord Media's 2013 chosen charities.

FSL Tonight:
Friday 8/30, 5:30pm
Hilton Crystal Ballroom

The season finale of the premier fantasy sports league. Reports on fantasy & science fiction franchises. Starring: Tom Merritt, Justin Robert Young.

One for the Junkies:
Saturday, 8/31, 10:00pm, Hilton 203
We get down and funky with all Junkies cramming into a room to do Junkie things (translation: drinking, yelling, maybe llamas — BYOB).

Scott hosts the Parsec Awards:
Sunday, 9/1. 5:30pm
Hyatt Regency Ballroom V

Scott hosts the Parsecs along with the amazing Veronica Belmont. The Parsec Awards are a celebration of speculative fiction podcasting. Awards are given in several categories ranging from content to audio quality.



That seems to be a great event!
Will it be held in 2017 as well? I would like to write my essay - review of the event. Please e-mail me any information possible at tinablackwood@outlook.com .


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