I had to share this one with y'all. Seems that with all the carnage, brutality and corruption that abounds in ANCESTOR, a few people are offended by a 23-year-old character (Tim Feely) referring to 45-year-old character (Erica Hoel) as "old." Probably no coincidence, all the people who have told me they were offended by this were women over the age of 45. I know when I was 23, I thought all 45-year-olds were my young & spry contemporaries ... didn't you?

I generally love horror books so when I saw "Ancestor", I couldn't wait to dive into it. However, it wasn't that long into the book when I saw you repeatedly described a 45 year old woman as "the old woman". Once I could forgive but then you went on and on in the same vein. If you think 45 is "old", I would hate to think what you think of senior citizens. Needless to say, I will not be reading any of your other offering. I hope you can hang on to the Junkie fans you already have. "Ancestor" read like it was geared to a reading audience of about 12 years of age.

My favorite part? She bitches about ageism, then turns around and insults the maturity of all of you that enjoyed the book. Go figure.

I'm happy she gave my book a shot and sorry it wasn't her thing, but I think the Junkies and I will get along just fine.

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Imagine the horror...

So let me understand...

  • Amoral scientist that seeks his evil creation's survival beyond his fellow man ... OK
  • An overweight, mentally unstable woman being called a "fat bitch" by her peers and employer ... OK
  • Sex between two unmarried (albeit consenting) adults ... OK
  • Mentally unstable business owner whose idea of "firing" an employee also means termination of their lifeforce ... OK
  • Calling a 45 year old woman "old" ... OMFG, YOU F*CKING HEARTLESS ANIMAL!

<sarcasm> Yup, I don't see a problem with that logice at all </sarcasm>Undecided

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