Awwwwww snaap! Check out this bitchin' cover for THE REPORTER, a 244-page ebook-only novella story by Mur Lafferty and me.  

The story involves Yolanda Davenport's search for the truth about Ju Tweedy's involvement with the murder of Grace McDermott, the incident that drove Ju to join the Ionath Krakens. THE REPORTER takes place between Week Three and Week Six of the 2684 GFL season, the season that encompasses THE ALL-PRO.

We'll probably sell THE REPORTER eBook for $4.99 when it comes out near the end of the year, but you can get it now for free.

How? If you pre-order both NOCTURNAL and THE MVP in hardcover before April 1, 2012, then email your receipts to, we'll send you THE REPORTER for free sometime in March. What a freakin' bargain!


Nice! Already e-mailed in my pre-order receipts. Can't wait!
Epic! :D

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WØØT!! Already sent in my receipts!

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sented mine also...can't wait

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At least you didn't lose the picture.... but 40000 words he can misplace. Oy Vey!

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Will there be an podiobook of it?

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Already emailed, sweet cover!
aka nilling everywhere else!
Great cover! Nice touch on the crystal growth that appears allover orbital station one.

Now I have resent the receipt to the correct address and I am looking forward to another delivery.  I am now impatiently waiting for 3, count them, 3 Siglerverse goodies. 

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Email sent!
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Great story!  Great work teaming up with Mur! 

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Sa-weeet!!! Sounds fun.

People are biomass, too.

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