EVERYTHING IS GOING TO KILL EVERYONEI got an early copy of this book, and it is made of Fucking Awesome. The title tells you everything you need to know. Yes, everything in the world is trying to kill you, as evidienced in this tome that lists many ways the world will probably end. Like, tomorrow. At 3:15pm. Eastern time, of course.

Dig this excerpt:

"Petrov called a halt to the Mutually Assured Destruction, and waited. Seated next to his enormous, steel-clad balls, he stuck by his instincts and waited -- waited to see if everyone and everything he loved was about to be turned to ash by virtue of his hunch. And then it got worse."

Hooo ... and this is non-fiction. You know, the opposite of what I do, and by that I mean Shit That is True. And yes, the above excerpt is from a scenario in which we all almost died during the height of the Cold War. As in, for realz.

Well-written and a ton of fun, it may scare the pee out of you but you'll like it so much you won't mind the wet pants.

This puppy is out April 6, 2010. I got an early copy because I'm just that fucking important.


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Never heard of it

But it does indeed sound awesome!

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Wow, true stories about stuff that will kill me?

I do love the title. Thanks for the heads up.

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That was an awesome little write up, and I'm really glad you enjoyed the book. If I can ever return the favor, just let me know!


Also, Google Alerts is awesome for bringing this to my attention.

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Sounds cool

I'll just have to add that to my read list!

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Should I leave my foil hat on?

Does it include the FDO's world take over as its end chapter? It is non-fiction
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Sounds like

a cool read. Something to put good dreams in your head while you sleep. World goes BOOM



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sounds pretty interesting

will have to keep an eye out, being unimportant and all and having to wait.

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WIn a free copy of this book!

Suvudo.com is having a contest that ends this friday, April 9, where the winner gets a copy of this book. All you have to do is write a brief end-of-the-world description of how you think our planet will meet its demise. Here's a link to all the details. Good luck, Junkies!




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sounds like one to add to the Amazon wish list!


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I bet you remembered that url char for char
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