Junkes, you had many questions about CONTAGIOUS and we answer most of them here. More questions came in after we'd prepped for the interview, so if you don't hear yours that is why. This episode is hosted by the Evil Queen™ herself (a.k.a, the radioactive wife of the FDO™).

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Wow, you're going to "smack me in the face"

I'm so scared. 
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That's quite the mean-muggin' profile pic ...

Dead = dead. This ain't no Joss Whedon dip in the pool.
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Perry's father was dead, yet he "came back" in the form of hallucinations.

But that just brings up the question: were they hallucinations, or something else caused by the triangles and their otherworld-ly knowledge? 

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Dammit, Mannis!

That is a very, very good point. And honestly? I hadn't thought of it.
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See! Even YOU'RE hallucinating!

You're seeing an "N" in my last name that isn't there!
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Why Motor City was Nuked

The real reason Scott nuked Detroit was so the Lions could avoid 0-16 again :-)
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On the subject of little evil girls

When you say that Chelsey was something original, I *may* have to disagree with you there (see below). The evil child is a staple of horror fiction: Pet Cemetary, The Omen, Children of the Corn, Village of the Damned, the little girl from Silent Hill, JC Hutchins has a child kill the president, heck, even Angel and Buffy had evil kids, and the boy from Home Alone played one.

Where Chelsey really covered less-trodden ground was in her execution. Most of the times, the evilkid just a kid's body, otherwise pure evil or at least adult understanding. You, however, gave Chelsey access to the great hive mind and still had her be childish, stubborn and make mistakes – mistakes that Chauncey might not have made and that allowed our heroes to succeed. And that's what I really enjoyed about Chelsey, that with all her power and knowledge, she was still a little girl, and that made her at the same time scary and defeatable. So if you were talking about that, then I agree: original

Finally, the goDaddy ad has a spelling mistake, unless you get a free domanin for Scott7.

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Hey FDO thanks for answering my question about perry and his anti eyebrows going on even better that i got read out by the very stunning but even slightly radioactive evil queen!


do you think that perry could get sponcerd by remmel? giving him some lovly eyebrow pencils to give him the deffintion that he needs lol 

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Great interview FDO

Its nice to hear the EQ's voice again!
"What the hell is happening? I blew up the building. Why? Because you made a phone call."

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Screw your accurate insights

Who asked you for facts? Go Lions!!
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Haha, this is great! I wish i wasnt busy with danm finals i would have asked something..


P.S. I love the EQ's voice, she sounds so pretty

If We're Fucked Up, Your to blame

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Hello to the EQ!

It was so nice to hear from the EQ. Fun show to listen to.

(Now I'm glad I've missed the new Indiana Jones movie, thanks for the warning!)

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Pretty voice, but ...

It's one of the first things I fell for, that voice, but when it tells you for the 10,000th time to "stop slurping your coffee" ... oy!
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Glad you liked it, and yeah, you been warned!

You will still watch it anyway. I predict. Sooner or later, you will think we were exaggerating. And you'll watch it. And you'll think of us and how the FDO™ never lies.
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I vote for more FDO & EQ

What a great show! why the hell you two haven't done more shows like this I don't know! More please!
"Go Detroit on it!"
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What's with the voice of margeret in the audiobooks?

seriously her voice was so annoying especially after Amos's death. Yet i feel so sorry for what she went through with all the death around her. I love the chapter called "The Shooter" that was the only chapter the was funny and did not made me cry!
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I'm just curious to your

I'm just curious to your writing process on Contagious. Did you think "Whats the next logical thing to happen?" and work the story from one point to the next? Or did you write the story with the intention of nuking D-town?

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