[img_assist|nid=2369|title=The Grey Lady gets nailed|desc=|link=none|url=undefined|align=right|width=406|height=269]You did it, Junkies! You put this scrawny walking cadaver on the New York Times Muthafucking Hardcover Fiction Bestseller list!

That's right, in the first week of release, CONTAGIOUS hit #33. The hardcover fiction list is like the Super Bowl of bestseller lists, it's the big-time, and even #33 is a pretty damn big accomplishment.

From this moment on, and for the rest of my life, I get to say "New York Times Bestselling Author Scott Sigler." Granted, I'm used to hearing "will the defendant please rise" and this is way, way better.

This is all you guys. Thanks for your constant support, and thanks for rallying around a strong opening weekend for CONTAGIOUS. Next novel out, our goal will be to crack the top 15, but for now, nailing the Grey Lady feels just fiiiiiiine.


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Congratulations FDO!



I put the laughter in manslaughter.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I put the laughter in manslaughter.
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YEAH! Wait...

When the new NYT bestseller list came out, you were nowhere to be found on it. Perhaps they finally realized the powers of siglerism and decided to put you on it.
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You've busted your ass to make this happen -- CONGRATULATIONS!

Congrats to you and the evil queen!!! You are the hardest-working author I know of.
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It couldn't have happened to a nicer scrawny walking cadaver!
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Let the FDO reign begin!!

Oh yeah!
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Great News!

Scott, this is awesome! You deserve this brother. And you make it easy for us to help you: you write great fiction--we buy it! It'll be great to see if there's some additional press about this within the publishing world. You mold-breaker...


- "I'm risking my life, for people I don't like, for reasons I don't quite understand." - Homer

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Congrats Scott, you deserve it you crazy bastard!!
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Congratulations siggy

Well I can't describe this feeling, I feel like I'm am an integral part of your....development, as are all of the Junkies,

Thanks Sigler for writing great fiction, and thanks for creating a community I can feel proud to be a part of.




now to finish Contagious! I must find out how it ends!!!!!!!!

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the only crown

yeah baby!! i also noticed that you are the only author representing Crown on that list. so you know, that may be something to bring up when talking pay raise next time :)

good work, and thanks for posting on my blog dude :)


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BS may talk, but PROFITS walk, even at the stodgy NYT!

Yo Scott: Your crazy life-long dreams are starting to come true. I'm buying a hardcover tomorrow at SF book signing to help you and to show a little love to Borderlands Books. You take the time to pay real attentions to us fans and your product is ss over-the-top good, anyway. Like you have said, you are "an overnight sensation that took 15 years". I hope the book stays on the NYT Bestsellers list and maybe even moves up a peg or two. Go Junkies go! Lets put our FDO where he belongs! "More to come... Number ONE! More to come... Number ONE!"  See you tomorrow you lovable B*s***d!

s13cybergal, an OJ with a walker. You can't forget that Scott!



"Defeat HELL! I'm advancing to the rear." --Gen. George Patton

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Congo Rhats!

Congratz FDO - you more than deserve it bud! er...I mean Sir!...


"... If you are easily offended , then turn it off now puussssyyyy!!!" - Scott Sigler

"... If you are easily offended , then turn it off now puussssyyyy!!!" - Scott Sigler
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Tragically Hip said it best...

The sweet sound of patent approval,

comin' down in a world of hurt,
In my opinion the drug is ready.

Even in the best and worst of times, we need stories. They define us, they provoke us and move us. The NY Times list is a big target to establish to the masses what us junkies already know. Great stories are a drug, and Sigler keeps on feeding us.

I love it. I also love that the local Indigo Books store has you listed in the Literature section. Each time I go in, I rearrange the books to show off the cover.

Congrats FDO. 


"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read."

Groucho Marx



"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend.

Inside of a dog it's too dark to read."

Groucho Marx


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Congorats man!

Jakarta Jaxxons
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Congrats Scott!

With the *years* of hard work, dedication, prolific writing, and never missing a deadlineWink ... it was bound to happen.  What an accomplishment!  You shot for the stars and reached it. 

Makes this Junkie proud!


Ah, curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal! ~ Hoban "Wash" Washbourne - Firefly

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That's great news!


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It's time to Rumble!!!

Fire up those plaid tanks and release the Ancestor Corps!!!

The Sigler Army on it's quest for world domination is on the march!!! 

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Well done - an excellent achievement (somewhat more impressive than your ability to churn out weekly podcasts for the last 20 years, always on time!)


(Congratulations, I'm sure you'll receive payback for all the hard work you've put in!)

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That's Huge!!!

Congratulations FDO! You earned it.

I don't read the script. The script reads me. - Kirk Lazarus
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Great Job!!!!


It's about damn time.  All of this waiting had my teeth on edge!


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Congratulashuns man, yo' desarve it.
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Scott, you have always written amazing stories and you have always made a point of taking good care of your fans. You are the best and it will only get better from here. Let the plaid tanks roll!

"I'm going to show him what a little girls made of, gunpowder and lead" - Miranda Lambert

*Proud member of GirlCo and The Gutter Sisteren. The CBBC Crack Mamma*

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It couldn't happened to a more evil FDO! Way cool man. I'll give you a hug in SF, book tour Saturday the 10th.... Again Awesome thank's for all you do for us!!!!!! See you soon!


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Its about time that they

Its about time that they realized you actually put best swelling authors on the list of best selling authors.  Now correct me if I am wrong which obviously I am not but you technically had enough books sold last april that you should be a NYT Best Selling author twice over not just for the first time FDO.  You are a supremely evil FDO and you are going to really make them sorry that they didn't recognize your greatness sooner.
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I say! Jolly well done old

I say! Jolly well done old bean!
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That's it, bitches and candy-suckers!! Mothafucking Scott fucking Sigler tears down yet another barrier/milestone/huge achievement for the podast fiction set. Yep. You betcha! Kowtowing in my office as I write this. He's the king of all this shizz and me? I'm not worthy!!


Great stuff, Scott! You Da Man!! 


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author of the Jack Palms Crime series find it at sethharwood.com Shake 'Em Down!!!

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