[img_assist|nid=1789|title=The Email of Doom|desc=sent to Tha Shiv at Crown Publishing|link=none|align=right|width=351|height=257]Holy crap. It's done.

720 pages.
138,400 words.
772,504 characters.
Add in the 22,300 words that didn't even make it in, and I typed well over 1,000,000 characters to make this bitch.

Allow me a moment to pry my ass away from this chair. I think it's grown into my gluteus maximums like a triangle's tail sinking into Perry's junk. I'm done. I'm done. I'm done.

Life is full of great moments, those times where your chest fills with the pride of knowing you busted your ass and put on a blue-collar performance worthy of an AFL-CIO endorsement. CONTAGIOUS goes to the publisher, warts and all, and no matter what you all think of it the book, this blood-spotted keyboard is proof that I put everything I had into making this the best novel possible.

The rush I'm experiencing right now is indescribeable. This is what it felt like to some Egyptian dude when he dropped that last block onto the pyramid, and then said, "Hey, Ezekiel, it's Miller Time, brah." So much work went into this. So many life changes in the last five months. The passing of a beloved dog, the illness of a family member. The Evil Queen™ returns from Michigan tomorrow, and I can finally dedicate my full attention to her in her time of crisis. Life giveth, and life taketh away.

I have put my very being into this rat bastard. I want it to rock you like Queen would if Freddy Merc were still with us. I want it to lock the breath in your throat, grab your privates in a not-so-nice way, make your stomach flip and your nips all hard and tingly. I want it to smash you flat like a Matt Wallace snap-souplex.

Above all, I want CONTAGIOUS to entertain you.  You Damn Dirty Junkies have no idea what you all mean to me, and I hope this one hits you so hard you fly into the ditch with your empty shoes still on the road. CONTAGIOUS is my love letter to y'all.

And for you aspiring novelists asking if this level of committment and sacrifice is worth it? Yeah, it is. 

I am your FDO™, and I do work.



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Congratiulations! So, what you done lately? ;-)
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Holy Crap - it's finished!

I've a tear in my eye and it's your fault. It might even be safe to look at Twitter after 8.00 PM again! Man, you've gone through it over the last few weeks and you deserve to feel the biggest rush you can get without being arrested. We've followed the ups and downs, the edits and rewrites, the crap life throws at you and yes, we are still here, still listening. Guess that does make us damned dirty junkies, and that's just fine. Where does the line start for autograph copies?


PS glad to see you didn't forget the attachment :) 

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Happy for ya, don't know ya

... very well except through your twitter tweets. i know and feel the power of writing, but not the extra step of sending manuscript off to the publishers / great editors in the sky. I've published great stories as a reporter, features and everything, but putting a sub-creation of your consciousness on paper / screen is something different, and ... well you know now. Good luck with what is to come. ... temple
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Awesome news, FDO!

Checking the celebration list:

  • breath locked in your throat....check
  • nips all hard and tingly...check

Seriously, nice job. Time for celebatory pubcrawl (after taking care of the Evil Queen, that is).  Oh, and please feel free to cc: me on that emailed copy of Contagious Wink

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My FDO- Awesome work and I'm sure it is a huge relief to see the end of it. I truly look forward wrapping my brain around your latest twisted story. Oh, and I can't wait to bust my wallet out to buy it. Garl
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Can't wait to get my greedy grubby little fingers on it!!
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Well done, cousin-of-da-Bone. Now go finish Nocturnal. Like, this weekend. E.
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Ass ...

That's exactly the attitude I like in my Junkies. Don't worry, Grizz, some good stuff coming soon ...
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Congrats Scott!

Well done sir, well done. The only dead line I ever had was a 4 page english paper back in high school. What you have done in the past month or two, well, that is dedication. I dont care what anyone else says, but you are truly one bad ass mo-fo.

Mad respect for you Scott!!!!!!!!!!!

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I Know It Will Be CONTAGIOUS!!!!!!!

Don't Start Nothin' Won't Be Nothin'         Congrats!!!!
Don't Start Nothin' Won't Be Nothin'
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Awww, our FDO is all emotional....

..or some such shit.


Congrats, Sigs. You met the unmeetable deadline. And if you're proud of it, then it has to be some real hardcore stuff.


Can't wait!!! Scary Perry FTW!

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Yeah, That's how it's done...

Ya slap dem nuts down on the table and dare a mutha fucker ta give 'em a lick.


Keep slappin' that shit down man!




Sigler almost destroyed my hometown!

semi~proud ex-Adrian native.

Sigler almost destroyed my hometown! semi~proud ex-Adrian native.
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Can't wait to get it into my dirty Junky hands.

So, now to some more Noctural and all the other sequels.. ;)

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Its been a long time coming but its done now, fingers crossed.
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Awesome work FDO

Time to kick back and celebrate with a nice tall glass of the blood of your enemies!






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Role Models are Awesome

As A long-time "Starter-not-finisher" I hugely admire this accomplishment.  And as one of your OJ's, I cannot wait until I can get my greasy mitts on this puppy.  I want more triangled goodness, and I want it yesterday! 


Enjoy the high - you more than earned it.[I think, therefore I'm right. -Hugo Rune]

 >>>[-Seth "The Hammer" Hanisek, Fullback, Woo Wallcrawlers]

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Our FDO, one big bad mother-f-n writing MACHINE!  That's great news!

 Now, you get to just coast until the release, right?    HAAAA!


Chicken Scissors!


Icepick http://www.brucepress.net

Icepick http://www.brucepress.net
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You ROCK!!!!

Rollon December...cannot wait!!!


When does the viral marketing campaign begin?


-loyal footsoldier-


aka nilling everywhere else!
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I'm so friggin' excited!

Just to let you know.  Laughing
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Big Projects

Congratulations Scott! 

I hope you do not get the horrific moment at the end of all big projects when you get up and think "Why am I not at my keyboard - what did I do before this monster task?". It took me a painful year to write my thesis and I can't imagine the level of concentration, frustration, stress and nuclear grade rage that came with switching to writing, wiritng to that kind of deadline - 1million characters!!! - and taking care of family business. Hat's off to you all round and I wish you and your family a huge upswing in luck.

I managed to get a copy of Infected at Heathrow a few days before the official launch date - which made my holiday immense. Thanks for all the hardwork and time you put in to these things and I can't wait for the next book to be sitting in my stocking come christmas (UK release for december?)

Pain is the teacher and fear is the key.

Pain is the teacher and fear is the key.
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Congrats, man

Glad to hear that you made it through the project.


Gustatus similis pullus.

Gustatus similis pullus.
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Great news

over a million characters, 720 pages. Holy crap thats alot. That is dedication. Counting down the days to Contagious.

G-Man: Nine million terrorists in the world I gotta kill one with smaller feet than my sister. - John McClane


"I used to be obsessed with a tv show about people acting like jackasses. I think it was called dumbass" - Earl Hickey

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Congrats Scott, looking forward reading about Perry's life, post-scrotum.


On a related publishing arena note, Dragon Moon Press is putting out Phil Rossi's Crescent in '09, press release at crescentstation.net


Keep on keepin' on FDO, we'll feast greedily from the Sigler trough...

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Ready To ROCK!

Wow!  You inspire awe as well as fear.  You just have two things on your to do list.  Take good care of the Evil Queen, and throw a party.  Don't add anything else to the list until those are done.  Every victory deserves a celebration! 

Oh, and don't worry about the Junkies.  You've dropped enough sweet juicy content on us lately to keep us happy for a while... 

You've got 10 seconds. Wink

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Congrats Scott

Good job Scott.  Can wait to get my grubby hands on a copy of that book.


But what's that I hear in the distance... could it be... a Nocturnal episode?  Please?  Pretty Please?

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