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Intro to Nocturnal #11 in poor taste

Sorry Scott, I do appreciate all your creativity and hard work. I am, however concerned about having a child read the intro promo sentences. I feel you should consider removing the phrase "get off the baby sitter" and the other word you end with, inasmuch as they don't add to your wonderful writing or the story line. I ordered the new book on Amazon, and I hope it goes well. I would certainly love to see the day when my soon to be teenager boys could listen to a more 'family friendly' Rookie version, or Earthcore (or a new story). Anyway...hope I haven't been too harsh. regards
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too harsh?? with sigler??(DAMN HIM) never happens

but then i bet he told you that already * It's all about the Numbers, my friends The Math god

The Math God of the Past
THE Mister Biz-Nass, Your friendly neighborhood Tourette-Syndrome-afflicted, throat-cancer-surviving fortune-teller who speaks through a voice box.
The Past Future gay Chief of the SFPD (the original podcast of Nocturnal)
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I wanted to let you know that I am cataloguing the book and the audiobook for a big public library in Toronto. They have obviously  decided that the book will be popular (due to requests from readers of Infection, probably) andpre-ordered these items!

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