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Junkie Tom Merritt sent me this one. Really captures the essence of Christmas, I think.


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Only thing that would make it better.... if they made the cookies ooze their life's butter out.

That's the same site that inspired THE TANK, isn't it? Did Tom send you that one? Is this the Tom Merritt from CNET? Or his doppleganger down in TX? I used to be a huge fan of BOL until it suffered triage elimination. Only so many minutes of eartime and daily shows get axed quickly.



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F*#ck ya!

That rocked! I'm showing my kid! that rules!
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that was freaking funny!
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Too funny

And so wrong...


We did have a Sigler Xmas here -- Rookie books, tour t-shirts. I wore my Krakens T on Xmas Eve. Spreading the word

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