This was too good not to share. It is no reflection on my opinion of religion to say it irks me when players thank God for a win. It's the same thing as saying "God thinks it's important to reach down and impact the result of my game, and, by the way, God likes me and my team way better than yours -- in fact, God kind of hates you, and that's why you lost."

God hates BuffaloIt's one of those "my religion is the chosen religion" things that drives me nutty. So, when someone blames God for a loss? That's just too interesting not to share.

This comes from the Shudown Corner blog on Yahoo, this post written by Chris Case.

Click here to read the full post.

By the way, I feel awful for Steve Johnson, the talented wide receiver who dropped a pass in overtime against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Johnson ran a great route, got open and did everything right, he just dropped it.



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Thanking God for having tallent is all good.

Blaming Him for when you don't use it, though?


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kinda funny and kinda sad

I saw that. If there is a God i don't see it wasting time affecting the outcome of a Bills/Steelers game.

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Can't be said better than by the man himself


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come on, everyone hates the Bills

Don't give God all the credit, maybe it is just karma from OJ Simpson


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At first the tweet annoyed me but then I gave it some thought.  I think he was crying out in desperation just like Job did.  It's, in my opinion, OK to let God know you're hurting and that's how he felt at the time.  He was just being honest with God.  It's human nature to sometimes lash out at those we love the most when we feel like they've let us down (even though we know it's our own fault). We often lash out at them, tell them how we feel and then hug and comfort one another afterwards. His greatest mistake was that he made his feelings public.

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God hates buffalo, it's a fact

I grew up in this crotch pit of a city. Whenever the Bills would loose a superbowl game, people would spraypaint GOD HATES BUFFALO on the churches. no shit.

As a matter of fact, that is a roll of quarters in my pocket.
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What's really disturbing about this is...

... that everyone seems to think its perfectly normal to talk to "God" on TWITTER... Ummmm....WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

"Love Many, Trust Few, Do Harm to None."

...Well, unless you're in a Sigler story, that is! :)

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I'm a Bills fan. There, I said it.

To me, it's a good season if we beat Miami. This year though, it's a disappointing season on many levels. But... we beat Detroit. :-)

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Don't I know it

That loss means only the Carolina Panthers are worse than the Lions so far this year. Ugh. 

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Your boys got hosed yesterday


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Is God "following" on Twitter now?

Amazing, the reach of social media. And I agree with you FDO, it's rather presumptuous to assume a Higher Being is going to take sides in a football game.

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I Agree!

Everyone knows God is an Aussie Rules Fan!!

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I’ve bookmarked this

I’ve bookmarked this because I found it interesting. I would be very interested to hear more news on this. Thanks!

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God actual doesn't hate the bills that much

He threw them a bone with a win in the Cleveland Vs. Buffalo game
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Call it a season

Let's start looking at the draft, this seasons a wash, keep Stafford out, let him heal(hopefully), send Suh to the pro bowl and hit the EASY button

"Old Earth Detroit Lions & D'Kow War Dogs for LIFE!"

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