Click here for details on AuthorBootCamp IV.

Time for another AuthoBootCamp at Stanford University, where Seth Harwood and I run a two-day course that gives you a solid foundation for podcasting your own fiction or non-fiction.

If you're a mid-list or an aspiring author and live within driving distance of Palo Alto, CA (or you can swing a couple of plane tickets, because you're just a high roller like that), we'd love to share our method for success. Here's a tip -- this isn't some get-rich-quick scheme. Rule #1: work your ass off. Rule #2: we'll cover that in class. Click on the link above to read more about the class.

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Wicked cool

So FDO, does this mean you get to call yourself a Standford University instructor?  Because that would look surper-sweet next to NYT Bestselling author!!
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How about Yale?


Since you're teaching a seminar at Stanford, how about coming to the East Coast and teaching one at Yale?  While it does have the disadvantage of being on the complete opposite side of the contry, it also has wintery inconsistant bad weather!  Now I know I might be overselling it, but In all seriousness it would be awesome. 


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Can I second the nomination?

I'd be all over that!  Stanford, a little far from CNY.  Yale, not so much!


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