Ah, the American love affair with the car ... well, you know, before that whole "let's take billions and billions of our tax dollars and give them to a private, for-profit enterprise" thing. Bitchin' cars and movies have always gone hand in hand, but nowhere is that cozy courtship more apparent than in horror flicks. Here's my pick for the Top 10 cars in horror movies. 

My #1 will stun you, and then, you will agree with me. No question!

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My mother the car

Let us not forget the 1928 Porter, that's my mother dear. My mother the car. Nothing funny about your mom along for every car ride since she is the car.
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Thanks for sharing the

Thanks for sharing the resource, I really never thought about cars in this perspective and I agree with you, movies usually have impact on people's choice. Looking forward to see that list, I haven't checked it yet. It would be too much to hope to see some of these models on a car donations list, wouldn't it?

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