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What do you get for the horror fan that has everything? Why, cursed objects, of course! While you're looking at the soul-less gifts of jewelry that DeBeers and Jarrod's are slathering on our television screens, why not go one step further with a present that actually eats souls and turns your friends and loved ones into killers? Listen in for some awesome gift ideas provided by Hollywood horror flicks.  

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Great Podcast!

This gave me so many ideas for things I could have asked for for Christmas and I am revising my Santa list right now! Thanks. Scott!
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Oh man, I almost fell off my chair. The subject line above cannot even compare to the absolute whining derision FDO farted all over those Jared marketing turds.


Uh, anyway. Great ep. I also am sick and tired of those Zales/DeBeers/Jared ads. Not only am I highly unlikely to buy a diamond from those creeps, I am 100% convinced no one IN THE WORLD talks like they do (reference: The guy and gal stuck in the cabin in the rain)




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 you could just buy 20 copies of The Rookie for everyone....


Molly McButters is my Homeboy!



Molly McButters is my Homeboy!

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I hate those commercials!

Speaking for myself, the whole diamonds thing is just stupid.  I've told my hubby that I'd much rather have a wonderful vacation than jewelry. Wonder if I can convince him to spring for Austrailia in 2010?


I liked the list of cursed presents too! Haven't heard of several of those. A cursed cloak? Really?

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ha. my parent's let me and

ha. my parent's let me and my sister watch poltergeist at an all too young age (crazy 80's parents). just so happened that my great-grandmother made my sister a clown doll identical to the one that traps the girl under the bed in poltergeist. from then on the doll found the hallway for a night time home, which actually was worse for me. many a night i went stumbling for the bathroom only to find the clown waiting outside the door for me.
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Gramma = Soul Stealer

Bob, sorry to break this to you, but your Granny was a Soul Stealer, a vile demon from the sixth plane of hell. The sixth plane is not a fun place, its where they collect the souls and nightmares of children (they also collect stuffed cabbages coated in Lucite, something Hell scientists have never been able to figure out). Who actually thinks a child wants a clown that looks like that?
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Ha...I was always

Ha...I was always suspicious.  Last name was Lucia though I believe (was long ago), which does stand for light...so I was optimistic. I almost think my parents might still have the thing since it was homemade and all.  I should dig it out to torment my two boys when they're a little older.

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That's gonna be years of therapy

All my kids and neices/nephews are TERRIFIED of clowns. Even as teens they want nothing to do with them. That's just too cruel to give a kid a creepy clown doll.


Now I'm going to have nightmares on your behalf

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