I don't know how many horror films one can shake a stick at, but damn, it would be a lot. And since there are that many horror movies (and more) that come out each year, we need a way to organize them bitches. I give you the Dewey DEATHimal System.

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Flu movies

How about recommending movies for those stuck at home with the flu? I'm sure that people want to know of more than just:

The Andromeda Strain (the 1971 movie)
The Stand miniseries by Stephen King
I am Legend
28 Days Later
Enemy Within

Gustatus similis pullus.
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Zombie flicks, do they count?

Most zombie flicks involve some bullshit "virus," so does that help?
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This is great! I got my MLIS

This is great! I got my MLIS in December, but I think you've got a much better handle on classification than I do! I want to open this horror library.
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Librarians salute you!

I laughed so hard I clouded up my horn-rimmed glasses! If only Dewey had it down as well as you do. =)
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Spread the word

Please spread the word to other librarians. Would be good branding for me. And I know you all talk among yourselves, in your secret Librarian Midnight Mass meetings. Don't lie.

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