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Religion and horror movies have gone hand-in-hand since the first big-screen vamp flinched away from a cross (that would be 1931, for those of you blogging at home). We've all seen our share of twisty heads, projectile vomiting and little girls who sound an awful lot like Jesse "The Body" Ventura, but there's more to religion-tinged scarefests than Ol' Scratch trying on a new people suit.

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potentially go for the

Potentially go for the gabriel byrne sub category...although i'd have to think if there were more than two. He played the devil in End of Days, but only after he played the priest in Stigmata.  Coincidentally, both films were also released in '99, September and November. So if more exist for him ... sub-sub category could be Byrne's '99 religious horror flicks!

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Sub-sub-sub category = Byrne?

Excellent analysis. He is an evil-looking bastard, I'll give him that. 
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Aw come'on man! You're supposed to know horror! I love Bela as much as the next girl. (Yeah, screw you Twilight fans! Bela is the one and only!) But seriously. Nosferatu 1922 AND it's actually pretty creepy. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nosferatu Or check out the tribute film, "Shadow of the Vampire" which is really quite awesome in its own standing. 1939. Geez. "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" came out in 1937. Can't believe you'd put horror backseat to some chummy little fat men and a girl who talks to bunnies. (Though you got to admit the queen was pretty scary. Hell. Maybe the story should be remade, restored to it's original Grimm-ness. That woodsman was pretty twisted what with tearing the heart out of a deer and all. But I digress. NOSFERATU, NINETEEN-TWENTY-TWO. LOOK IT UP! :)

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