If there's one thing we expect in horror movies, it's blood. Or gore. Or maybe that random green fluid that gets flung about when dealing with zombies, vamps, aliens or ghosts. As I watch low and big-budget horror movies alike, I often ask myself, "How do you get the stains out of those clothes?"
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never thought about it!!

this is something i would have never thought of but is fuckin funny!!
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That's what I do, make people think.

It's my lot in life, to push the boundaries of the intelligentsia.
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Regan's Mom is going to have a hard time getting the goo from those oozing sores, urine, blood, pea soup and holy water out of that white nightgown!

He'd obviously made the turn and was hurtling down that final straighaway to the void. His membership in the sentient being club permanently revoked.

No power in the Verse can stop me.

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Tokyo Gore Police

 Scott, How about the bill of a Heroine named "Ruka" in a film called "Tokyo Gore Police". Gallons, and I do mean gallons, lots and lots of gallons, of spraying blood on top of dismembered body parts. In one scene Ruka (while undercover) gets groped from behind. She takes the offender outside and cuts his hands off. Blood sprays everywhere and she just opens her umbrella and walks away! I couldn't begin to imagine her dry cleaning bill incurred during this flick! If you watch this film you will get a few "Oh God, I cant believe I'm seeing this!" laughs also"
You can check out the trailer here - http://tinyurl.com/cdodst
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I've been hearing about this one ...

You're not the first to bring up TOKYO GORE POLICE. I'll definitely have to check it out. Sounds like the kind of mess created in DEAD ALIVE.

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