Stephen King: Master of Movies? Click & Listen
I know, I know: We've all asked before (and will probably ask again) why Hollywood always seem to butcher Stephen King's stories. That complaint seems to come up all the time, but it's no longer entirely accurate. Listen in for five minutes that explain the depth and breadth of King's movie adaptations, including the good, the bad and the downright scary. 

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stephen king

I'm just glad they scratched the idea of a dark tower movie. some books just shouldn't be made into movies....



Molly McButters is my Homeboy!

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The Stand

Ok, I still get anxious every time I drive through the Lincoln or Holland Tunnel because of the scene in miniseries. That is something from the book that was really done well on film.

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Maybe after he croaks?

There's no way Hollywood can pass up on a tasty, multi-movie morsel like THE DARK TOWER. Seven movies? Hell naw, they won't pass up on that. For crying out loud, they made six movies out of CHILDREN OF THE CORN! I'm guessing when King passes on, we'll see DARK TOWER sold off by his kids within three years.

Money talks, my friends. 

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the stand or the shining mini-series

any of the king mini-series. we watch the stand and langoliers at least 1 or 2 times a year in our house

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Loved the Stand

Hated the mini series with the wings guy


Take no prisoners. Take no ....Nantucket Airport people!

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