In all the ANCESTOR excitement we skipped an entry, so I'm back tracking. Come on now, legos?  Legos?  Awesome.  Awwwww-some. 


You can see this script, "Where is Sara," at the ANCESTOR user-generated video contest.


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Very cool

I love Lego animations. Highly recommend the Lego version of Eddie Izzard's Darth Vader at the Death Star CAnteen....


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YES!!! Another Eddie Izzard fan!!!

My friends all look at me like I have two heads when I tell them that he's a British cross-dressing comedian!
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I love the Lego animations people do...

and this is pretty good but, sorry to say, there are others that have just pushed the bar a little higher.

Hey, it's only opinion and I give you plenty of praise for doing it. I didn't, so boo to me!

Well done!



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