ARealGirl and I have crunched the numbers and determined our finalists for the ANCESTOR User-Generated Video Contest (finalists are listed at right, in order of view-count). Our rules specified that the five videos with the most views would become "finalists," and have their videos submitted to our panel of Hollywood big-shots (click here to see the panelists). Those big-shots will determine the grand-prize winner, who nabs a 32GB WiFi+3G Apple iPad (valued at $729).

We said there would be five finalists, but we have opted to expand the field of finalists to seven. Let a brotha explain why.

Like any online contest these days, it seems, there is ample opporunity to game the results. We had to take a long look at a couple of entries to determine how they got such huge view-counts. Everything checked out, but we felt that two of them produced views that -- while honest and accurate -- didn't best suit the purposes and intent of the contest. For that reason, we added two additional videos that did suit the purposes and intent of contest.

Finalists #6 and #7 will be submitted to the Hollywood big-shots, but will not get the finalist prize-pack. Those two can, however, still win the iPad. The top five view-count-getters receive these goodies:

• $200 prize moolah!
• 16 GB iPod Nano (the Grand Prize Winner does not get the Nano)
• A signed, personalized copy of ANCESTOR
• Their work viewed by industry professionals

We submit the seven finalists to the four bigwigs. Each bigwig picks a favorite, the video with the most favorites wins. We should have the results back in about a week, but we don't have a hard deadline for them.

In the event of a tie, I cast the deciding vote. I'm like the mothafuckin' Vice President in that regard, bitches!

[img_assist|nid=3803|title=Tha Grand Prize!|desc=One of the suckas listed below wins this thing|link=none|align=center|width=194|height=250]
#24: "Jian's Dream" by Tyler Short
#21: "Jian's Dream" by Ali Navid
#1: "Where's Sara?" by SWGmovies
#9: "Where's Sara?"
by Fish Outta Water Productions
#3: "Where's Sara?" by Abhu Dhanda
#13: "Where's Sara?"  by Adrian Picardi
#5: "Jian's Dream" by Brent Weichsel


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Big Congrats

Hey Big Congrats to all winners!


And yes, Tyler Short's video was F'ing great! Really felt it was shot and edited to make it feel SUPER creepy!


Cheers to all!

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Congratulations, finalists!!!!

Fantastic job everyone!!! Good luck in the final stage, y'all!!!

My only comment is that I was kind of hoping to see some sock puppet action in the final list... <sigh>...

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Congrats to the finalists!


And good luck to you all!


Gutter Sistren whipping boy, innoventor of words, Life Coach to the Damned.


Gutter Sistren whipping boy, innoventor of words, Life Coach to the Damned.

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Has anyone pointed out...

that #3 and #13 are the same video? Just wondering.


Congrats to everyone!

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Im in the finalists. Horray :D. i hope i win. i never thought my machinima would get it. :D

my youtube - something something. lol

my youtube - something something. lol
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Thanks for pointing that out for us.

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perhaps the top ten could get signed books for their effort? :)

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My Vote Goes to #13

Great efforts and congratulations to all the finalists!

I know I'm in charge of the contest, but in my opinion, #13: "Where's Sara?"  by Adrian Picardi is the winner. Excellent photography and editing. Wonderful lighting. And the actors were very believable. Best of luck!

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Congrats to everybody ....

... but I gotta agree - Adrian Picardi's twisted "Where's Sara" kicked freakin' ass!  The stye was so unique. 

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You spelled it wrong...

It's a Nookie Reader.

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yeah but alas..... no puppets.

And after the minutes and minutes I put into it. Maybe next year.

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Your in charge?

I thought scott sigler was incharge of the contest. but i guess i can be wrong.

I suppose i can agree that 13 may win the ipad, even though i desperately want mine to win lol. But if theres someone else id hope would win it would be them, cause #24 i still doubt somewhat.

my youtube - something something. lol

my youtube - something something. lol
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That's what happens when you think faster than you type...

Sorry about that Bartender. My sentence was suppose to read "I know I'm NOT in charge of the contest,..." I should do a better job of previewing.

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VERY sad that your sock puppets didn't make it through

It's a shame there wasn't a 'COMEDY GOLD' section in this contest, because your video would have won it, hands down. :)
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Ahh ok

my youtube - something something. lol

my youtube - something something. lol
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Congrats on the top 7

I would have to agree with some of the other post #13: "Where's Sara?"  by Adrian Picardi is my fav of all the videos. They produced what i saw but could not pull off. so great going guys you did good. hope you win..

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Any words on the results for the finalists?

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