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Kiss all y'all's asses goodbye. It's only a matter of time now. And all you bitches who said I didn't know my science for ANCESTOR? I hope this tastes real, real bitter ...


British scientists make human-cow embryos

Experts assure public such experiments wouldn't result in ‘monsters’

WASHINGTON - British researchers say they have created embryos and stem cells using human cells and the egg cells of cows, but said such experiments would not lead to hybrid human-animal babies, or even to direct medical therapies.

Dr. Lyle Armstrong of Newcastle University presented preliminary data on his work to Israel's parliament last week. It has not been reviewed by other experts in the field, Newcastle University said in a statement released on Tuesday.

They said they had hollowed out the egg cells of cattle, inserted human DNA to create a growing embryo, and then taken it apart to get embryonic stem cells.

Read it all, you poor sucker.


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Now that's just too fucking

Now that's just too fucking sick!


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This is really strange... if they are telling us about this

what is it they're NOT telling us?  I am a real conspiracy theorist and I am sure that for everything we are told about, there are many things happening we will never find out about... unless something goes really, really wrong.  Good fodder for reality based hardcore sci fi!!!  There are more creepy gory stories in there somewhere!!
*I am the Rear Admiral but Sigler gives the Orders*
*I am the Rear Admiral but Sigler gives the Orders*
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'No risk of making monsters' - REALLY?

We barely know what we are capable of now. How can they say that there is no risk? I am sure that it never crossed some mad scientists mind... "wonder what this will do???"

Kinda freaky you think?

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Once again,

You've proven why you're the FDO and we're all just poor subservient junkies... 

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If there is a Dr

 named Klaus then I think we should all be very afraid. After all, that would mean that Magnus is on his way there to clean up the mess and you know that he's just going to let the damned thing out. I hope you have some plan to save your minions oh dark overlord.  stormwalker
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Paging Dr. Klaus...Paging Dr. Klaus...Paging Dr. Klaus...


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The British are coming!!!!

As a scientist I can say "Thanks a lot Bush".  We are so far behind the rest of the scientific community!!!!!!

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Wow! That is scary.


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Humanity is screwed. Call in

Humanity is screwed. Call in the National Guard!!Yell


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DAMN, Scott, that's CRAZY

DAMN, Scott, that's CRAZY bitchin'. Never again will I question the science of the FDO, nor will I question all the misinformation that the FDO feeds to us...Just, when you ARE DO, can I let myself get some NipChee! and cow's urine? Thanx, Scott, you MAD niggerish, yo.

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